• The whole facility is adjusted to the needs of our disabled clients. All offices, halls and rooms are situated at Level 0 and the restaurant is accessible by lifts situated by the main entrance. All doors are wide enough for a wheelchair and there are no thresholds.

  • The first aid point is situated at the entrance to the Wisła Hall, the largest in the facility. Details of the medical assistance available are specified by event organizers.

  • The mother & child facility is situated at the entrance to the Dunaj Hall. Additionally, children’s cabins are in every WC across the building.

  • Event organizers provide details the number and location of cloakrooms available on the occasion. This information is available on event websites.

  • Bicycle parking is available on both sides of the building by the car park. The area is monitored but for additional safety please secure your bike individually.

  • You can easily withdraw money at EXPO Kraków. The ATM is located at the main entrance in the lobby on the left.