The ANTYCOVID EXPO Trade Fair of Solutions Increasing Sanitary and Epidemiological Safety, held in October 2020, is the best proof that, while maintaining heavy sanitary restrictions, it is possible to prepare business meetings, i.e. fairs, congresses, events at the highest level.

We are fully ready for the upcoming fall season. The priority issue will be the safety of exhibitors, visitors and employees at every stage of the implementation of individual events.

Thanks to the procedures developed at EXPO Krakow, it will be safe and comfortable. Unfreezing the trade fairs is very important for the entire economy, so we are glad that we will soon be able to implement the planned events. Our calendar is up-to-date, and the proposed events will be an opportunity for many companies to establish new contacts, find new suppliers or in many cases even rebuild their position on the market.

We ensure strict safety regulations before and during the event, as well as a venue that complies with all the sanitary requirements. For more details read here.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Mateusz Kania
Sanitary Safety Inspector
ph. +48 12 651 90 18
mobile +48 506 047 424